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Worldpay Sets Up New Mobile Point-of-Sale System
Payment Week
Worldpay, a major European operation, recently brought a little help for the supply side of the mobile payments equation. The company is working on an extended trial of a new mobile point-of-sale (PoS) system based on mobile phones that should ...

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How much does a point of sale system cost?
A point of sale (POS) system, or electronic point of sale system (EPOS), is so much more than a cash register. Whilst EPOS system prices will usually include the 'cash register' in its modern form, it will also likely include a touchscreen monitor and ...

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Point of Sale News (tm) (press release)

Why Streamlined Point-of-Sale Communication is About to Fuel a Restaurant Revolution
Point of Sale News (tm) (press release)
And, it's all driven through the point of sale (POS), the central nervous system for all modern restaurants. Consumers have no doubt already noticed the growing shift toward automation. Applications tied to virtually every element of dining out are ...

Lavu POS Offers Free Software to Businesses Affected by the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project
Point of Sale News (tm) (press release) (blog)
The Lavu team are proud members of the Albuquerque community, having grown from a fledgling local startup to the leading mobile point-of-sale system for restaurants and bars in 88 countries worldwide. We know how invaluable entrepreneurship is to this ...

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The Importance of Point of Sale for Retail Companies
Customer Think
With the constant need to improve performance systems are streamlined and processes improved to not only provide speed, but also quality of service. One of these areas is Point of Sale, also known as POS. When we look at point of Point of Sale, this is ...


PayThink Protecting the point of sale means improved third party vetting
As a major threat vector and often the main point of entry for attack, vulnerable third-party point of sale (POS) systems present one of the most significant risks for retail organizations. For one, POS systems represent attractive targets to attackers ...

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Bob Dylan plays "Free Bird" for a screaming fan
Boing Boing
Even though credit cards now feature an EMV chip for securing transactions, they still have to include the magnetic strip for compatibility with older point of sale systems. Because of this, there's no way for the chip's new security capabilities to ...

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